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Founder, CEO & Producer

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Founder, CEO & Producer


An Indonesian born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Delfin completed his BA in Film and Television at Bond University in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and later pursued his MA in Media Communications at Webster University in St. Louis, USA.


Throughout his career, Delfin has experienced working on short films, TV commercials, music videos, training videos, and promotional videos. He has also organized live events, particularly in hosting performing arts events like comedy shows and variety shows all over Thailand.


Driven by his passion for film, Delfin co-founded Midnight Mirage, focusing on bringing together talented filmmakers to create engaging narrative films and television content in Thailand.

With a decade of experience in the media advertising industry, Pupé also wears the hat of a dedicated producer. For the past five years, Pupé has successfully led an influencer marketing agency and has found joy in crafting captivating stories, aiming to create meaningful connections with audiences.


Pupé's journey also includes a rewarding experience as an Assistant Director on a Paramount production shoot in Thailand titled "Sheroes," where valuable lessons in coordination and teamwork were learned alongside industry professionals.


Having a keen eye for branded entertainment, Pupé delights in seamlessly integrating brand narratives into compelling stories, striving to leave a positive impact on the film industry.

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